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Fire-related Injuries and Mechanical Defects

Car-related fires, often caused by mechanical defects in the car, are extremely dangerous emergencies that may result in severe injuries for those unable to quickly get out of the affected car. When these emergencies arise, not only is a person at risk of sustaining serious injuries due to fire dangers, but the ignition of certain solids or liquids may produce toxic gases that can cause further harm to the affected motorists.

How Mechanical Defects Cause Car Fires

The eruption of a car fire may be linked to a variety of serious car mechanical defects or sudden malfunctions. These mechanical defects may include the following safety hazards:

  • Engine malfunctions
  • Battery explosions
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Flammable liquid or gas leaks
  • Unexpected ignition of flammable solids or liquids in the vehicle

If a person is injured in a fire due to these car-related mechanical defects, they may be eligible to fight for compensation for the costs involved with their injuries. Considering how expensive medical care can be for extensive burn injuries or respiratory damage due to exposure to toxic fumes, this compensation may prove critical to a household’s financial stability.

Get in Touch with a Mechanical Defects Legal Team

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car-related fire in Cincinnati, our attorneys at Stepleton Dugan, LLC, may be able to help you take action against the responsible automotive manufacturer. If successful, an injured motorist may be entitled to receive compensation for medical costs and other injury-related expenses. For a free consultation regarding your full range of rights and options after an injury, call 513-321-7733.


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