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Cop threatens family with gun; one injured

Posted on September 24th, 2013 No Comments

A police officer who forced a woman and her family to lie in the street, threatening them with his gun and using force on her father-in-law, in Toledo on Sunday, September 15 is receiving criticism from the community.

Cassandra Meyers was pulled over by Officer Hart – a first name was not given – near her home on Sunday for a routine license plate violation. Aaron Tatkowski, Meyers’ father-in-law, did not like how the cop was talking to her, causing him to confront the officer.

Hart ordered Meyers, her 14-year old son, Tatkowski, and his girlfriend to lay face down in the street. They began yelling at each other, resulting in Hart drawing his gun, aiming it at Tatkowski’s head, and arresting him eventually. The latter suffered cuts and bruises, causing him to later be taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to a neighbor who caught the incident on video, the officer’s behavior was uncalled for.

The police department spokesperson said, however, that Hart’s behavior was appropriate and that the family members did not obey instructions.

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