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Cincinnati Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyer

Chiropractors provide important medical attention for many patients in need of physical care, as chiropractic manipulation can often help relieve stiffness or pain from soft tissue injuries. However, if a chiropractor doesn’t exercise the proper kind of care or attention to a patient’s needs or rights that is expected of them, they may cause serious harm.

In fact, at Stepleton Dugan, LLC, our legal team is all too aware of how many people in Cincinnati are negatively impacted by chiropractor malpractice. However, those who have become the victim of such malpractice should know that they likely have the right to seek financial compensation through a legal claim. This often allows victims of chiropractor malpractice to get the justice they need.

Types of Chiropractor Malpractice

Chiropractic professionals have a legal and ethical obligation to provide their patients with reasonably safe and careful treatment. The following practices may be considered a violation of this responsibility and may cause a patient significant harm:

  • Failing to get a patient’s informed consent before providing care
  • Failing to address possible patient history concerns before providing care
  • Not diagnosing emergency conditions when apparent
  • Providing negligently dangerous care or causing an injury due to poor practice
  • Causing a stroke during treatment due to negligent practices

These acts of chiropractor malpractice may be grounds for legal action on the injured patient’s behalf. These patients may be eligible to sue for the full range of costs associated with their medical injuries, including additional medical bills and wages lost during treatment and recovery.

Get in Touch with a Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyer in Cincinnati

If you or someone you love has been injured because of a chiropractor’s mistreatment, our attorneys from Stepleton Dugan, LLC, believe that you should seek to hold the responsible medical professional accountable. Call 513-321-7733 today to find out how we can help you through this process and better understand your legal rights.



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