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After a patient is diagnosed, they are supposed to be provided with all their treatment options and the nuanced details of these treatments, including the potential risks and/or side effects. When a patient is provided these care options by a doctor, that doctor must obtain what is known as informed consent, which illustrates that the patient knows and understands what the treatment entails and agrees to it. Failing to do this is known as lack of informed consent and can not only put the patient at risk, but also needlessly violates their rights.

At Stepleton Dugan, LLC, we believe in standing up for patients in Cincinnati who have been wronged by their physician’s careless decisions. Medical professionals who fail to obtain consent for a procedure or treatment can cause these patients serious physical and emotional harm, something for which the care provider should be held responsible.

What Counts as a Lack of Informed Consent?

Doctors are legally bound to acquire informed consent before proceeding with a treatment, especially when there are considerable risks attached to the treatment. Informed consent may be bypassed only in cases when a patient may be physically or emotionally unable to provide consent. Otherwise, the following acts may be considered as a lack of informed consent:

  • Failing to disclose major risks associated with certain treatment options
  • Not discussing potential viable alternatives that are available
  • Not securing a binding agreement that informed consent was provided

A lack of informed consent can leave a doctor liable for any injuries or harm that occurs as a result of treatment. If a patient wasn’t aware that they could develop a commonly-caused medical condition because of a particular treatment, the doctor may be held accountable legally.

Speak with a Lack of Informed Consent Lawyer in Cincinnati

If you have been provided with medical care that wasn’t agreed upon to the standards of the law or have otherwise suffered due to a lack of informed consent, our lawyers at Stepleton Dugan, LLC, believe that you may be owed financial compensation. A lack of informed consent is inexcusable, and any medical professional who fails to obtain proper consent should be held accountable for this recklessness. To learn more about filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, call 513-321-7733 today.


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